Must see in Rotterdam

The White the Whitestreet or de Witte de Withstraat how dutchies call this street is a modern, hip and full of life and art street in the center of Rotterdam. Besides the small and hip restaurants, bars and other cool places you can find art galleries and other fantastic things to see and do while you are staying in Rotterdam. 

The White the Whitestreet is a street between the Schiedamseweg and the street Eendrachtsweg, it is a medium long street full of modern art. If you look in the sidestreets of the White de Withstreet you can see clearly what artist have done to this full of life street. They created art around every corner of the street. While you can take a seat of one of the many terraces they have you can spot and enjoy some of the most beautiful artpieces of Rotterdam. 

witte de with 4
A modern piece of art in the White the Withstreet

Besides the art outside of this crazy street you have plenty galleries as well. The most popular is the art gallery: The witte de With. This gallery is about the modern art from nowadays. Also they like to present the link between the art in The Netherlands and abroad. The art they are showing are not contemporary. You will have to make effort to understand the artist. his work. Another gallery you can visit in this hip street is Ecce . A gallery about modern art and design. They give young artist the chance to shine and show their several art pieces which they have created. Also there is an art gallery which is called TENT Rotterdam . Personally I like this gallery the most. Why? Because they are showing crazy art which you do not get to see everyday.  TENT is also a place which artist could hire for their expositions. 

witte de with 3
Modern graffiti art outside
Besides all the art, atmopshere and coffee shops there are also amazing restaurants where you can eat plenty of delicious food. One of my personal favorites are Opa , Supermecado and Ter Marsh and CO . Opa is an old fashioned restaurant, they offer a lot of different kinds of food. The size of the dishes are small and the prices are low. So you can order a lot of dishes at the same time.
Another one is Supermecado. They offer Mexican food with lots of taste and flavors. You can eat for example nachos with quecemole but also tacos. While you are enjoying some of the best Mexican food in Rotterdam you can enjoy a cocktail as well. The last one of my personal favorites is Ter marsh & CO. They are awareded for being the best burgerbar of the whole Netherlands. You can eat all of types of hamburgers. For the people who are vegan and have a deep love for animals, they offer vegan burgers as well. 
witte de with 6
One of the signs in the street

Are you planning to visit the Witte the withstreet? Here are somethings you need to know:

– are you planning to go in the nighttime? Please make sure that you won’t visit the street with a car. Parkingspots are rare and not easy to find. Go with public transport. The metro is close, just step out the stop Eendrachtsplein and follow the signs witte de with.
– The street is during the nighttime a great experience, all the bars are full of people which are enjoying a drink. Greatest time to go? Between 23:00 and 00:00.
– You must reserve before going to a restaurant on friday or saterday night.
– Expositions are not free, you have to pay entrance.

That’s quite all you need to know! Make sure you enjoy your time walking through this street, it is a wonderful experience! Have fun! 

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