Hotel New York

Hotel New York in Rotterdam is one of the most beautiful hotels of Rotterdam. The hotel is located in the former H.A.L building. The Holland America Line was a company who were provoding cruise vacations to rich people back in the days. Hotel New York was located in the building in 1993 and is an remarkble place ever since.


Hotel New York is located on: de kop van Zuid. The Hotel has a beautiful view over the river (de Maas ) and also has an outstanding overview over all the harbor companies near the building. A fun thing that not a lot of people know who are visiting Rotterdam is that the government of Rotterdam has public transport on the water. The watertaxi’s are famous for the beautiful trips over te water. You can travel from all the cities near to Rotterdam back and forth. There are three zones with watertaxi stops: West, Centre and East. If you want to travel one zone it’s 4,50 euros but if you want to travel them all it is around 10 euros for each traveller. It is also possible to book a different route but than you have to travel with a lot of people (over 12).

Besides staying in one of the most popular hotels of Rotterdam. You can also eat in the big restaurant of Hotel New York. The restaurant has small tables for maximum six persons, if you are travelling with a big group you should reserve a table. You can eat any dishes you like, in the afternoon a sandwich and in the evening a nice pork dish.

You can also book an high tea at Hotel New York. A must-do! You will get a lot of sweets and cakes if you are ordering an high tea. Cookies, cakes, chocolate, different kind of tea and many more tasty foods are included! 

Want do I need to know if I want to visit Hotel New York?
– If you want to book an hotelroom in Hotel New York, it is highly recommended to be on time with the booking. It saves a lot of money.
– The rooms are around 80 euros (to start
– You can book suites as well
– There is a business lounge if you are a business traveller
– Hotel New York has an outstanding breakfast service
– If you want to eat in the restaurant make sure to make a reservation. Hotel New York is popular and it might save dissapoinment.
– High tea is only available if you make a reservation. 

– The restaurant is openend from 12:00 til 23:00

Did you want to book a room but hotel New York is overbooked and you still want to visit Rotterdam?

Any other beautiful hotel recommendations:

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The Hilton Rotterdam : A Hotel in the middle of the city centre of Rotterdam. Famous for the luxury chambers and rooms.

The art Hotel Rotterdam A lot cheaper than the other suggestions but not less fun! 

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