Going out in Dutch Style

You arrived in Rotterdam and you are ready for a great party, but where to go if you are new in the scene?

If you like fun and positive clubs and you are ready to experience the Dutch vibe around the Rotterdam party scene, you should go to the Après Skihut. The Après Skihut is a small bar full of German and Dutch types of music styles. The Aprèsski Hut is offering drinks for small prices which are way more cheap than other places in Rotterdam. Be aware of the amount of students, the place is always crowded and sometimes you cannot enter because of this. If you do not like sweat and load music this isn’t your place. The average age is around 17 and you can enter when you are 16 years or older.

It is great for students to visit because the entrance is always free and the bar is opened 7 days a week.

The events of the après skihut are found on the partyagenda.

Things you need to know about the Après ski hut:

– Opened from 22:00 till 04:00 seven days a week 

– In the weekends the ski hut is opened till 05:00

– If you go with public transport, you can get out of the metro stop: Stadhuisplein

– If you are taking the car you can park at the Kruiskade parking lot for 3 euros each hour you stay.

– Entrance is free

– Make sure to bring your ID to get in the bar

– You can pay with cash, maestro and creditcard. 

Did you already went to the Après Skihut and you are interested in other clubs/bars in the city center?

Any other suggestions:

Club Villa Thalia Rotterdam : A cool modern club in the city center of Rotterdam, the entrance is not free and the club is expensive. But once you have visited the club you want to come back because the environment and party vibe is crazy. The musicstyle of this club is urban, hip hop, dance and reggaeton. Average age is around 18+ and you can enter when you are 18 years old or older

Location information: Kruiskade 31 3012 EE Rotterdam

Another suggestion could be: De vrienden live : it is near to the old harbour from Rotterdam. It is an old bar where artist play live Dutch music songs. The environment is cozy and every party visitor is in a great mood. The average age is around 22+ but you can enter when you are 18 years old or older.  

Location information: Haringvliet 100 3011 TH Rotterdam

If you do not like ubran or live music there is also a club in Rotterdam which is more techno related. The club is huge and has a more underground club style. The place where i am talking about is called Toffler.

 Toffler provides techno events from the age of 18 till 25, the underground location is a must see when you are visiting Rotterdam. Be aware of the online ticket sale, you always have to buy a ticket online and cannot buy the ticket at the door. Toffler is famous for the endless parties which are lasting till 10:00 am in the morning.

Good luck with finding your own must go for a night out! If you have any recommendations, leave a comment! Did you like this post? Read more about cute spots in Rotterdam

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