Relax and enjoy your time: visit Fenix Food Factory!

If you like places where you can find lots of hip restaurants and shops in one place for cheap prices, Fenix Food Factory might be the right place for you! 

Fenix Food Factory is an hall full of any kind of shops and restaurants. The place isn’t that big so it has a warm feeling when you walk in. Because of the old-fashioned style you will experience the place a lot different than any other. The former warehouse building is transformed in a local market where you can buy old Dutch cheese and local coffee. You can buy self-made products for small prices, exclusive beers and fresh coffees, which are made in the factory. 

If you think you will be visiting the same place as the market hall you are totaly wrong. Fenix Food Factory is more basic and organic. So is the style, almost all of the furniture is made out of wood or recycled products. This gives the factory an unique establishment. If you are a vegan and you do not eat meat at all, Fenix Food Factroy has a bright choice of vegan options. The local workers are there to help if you are not sure about a product, the place is international orientated so almost everyone speaks English. 

Another great thing to know is that Fenix Food Factory has the biggest water side terrace of Rotterdam! That means, sit back and relax the outstanding view! If you want to take the perfect harbor picture, Katendrecht is across the river and you can visit Fenix Food Factory across a bridge meant for pedestrians.

Things you need to know about Fenix Food Factory

– Opened from 10:00 till 19:00

– Most crowded between 13:00 and 15:00

– Exclusive beers, coffee and cheese

– Also for daily groceries

– Can walk to the factory because of the bridge

– Parking is possible near the Fenix Food Factory, but keep in mind that the Dutch winters are full of rain and you do not want to walk all the way op there 

– Vegan options are included

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Kopi SOESOE – A coffee bar with the best coffee of Katendrecht. You can enjoy your coffee while you are enjoying live music.

Do you not like the pictures of the Fenix Food Factory but you want to visit a place alike? Check out my blog about the market hall, the more luxury version of Fenix. Or sign up for weekly updates!

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